Arsalan Shahid is a doctoral research scholar in Heterogeneous Computing Lab (HCL) at University College Dublin, Ireland. He is currently working on energy-aware massively parallel heterogeneous processing architectures. Arsalan graduated as gold medalist for best final year project in BS Electrical Engineering from HITEC University Pakistan, in 2016. Read More …


I have realized that the answer is simple and obvious. I am a human beingI am the best of creations of the Almighty! 

I have been equipped with a unique characteristic of doing mistake that serve as a catalyst to my growth. I am strong and the ability to realize, accept and correct the mistakes is the key to my growth … and strength. I have learned that this universe is for me (and for you). Fine, too big? This world is for me. Too big? All is for me as long as I have a living God, who made me His viceroy. 

My philosophy of life? I firmly believe that one is only as good; as benevolent he or she may be to the rest of the universe, systems, the people and self; in that order [98:7Quran].

What is the purpose of my existence/what is my ‘why‘ to live? To be as yielding, useful and benevolent to His universe as possible. 

How am I contributing to my why/How I satisfy my why? I have devoted myself to help people by empowering them and enable them to grow. 

How I help people? I inspire people. How? By igniting curiosity. Why I choose to ignite curiosity? We, homo-sapiens are instinctively curious. We feel empowered when we are fed with information. We grow as we explore more. And, curiosity fuels the process of evolution and growth. 

What specifically am I doing now and what I plan to do for future? I do research in scientific high-end computing and write my research into scientific papers, publish them to ignite the curiosity of people in my field and empower the brains. Aside, I am prototyping software products aspiring to help computer programmers’ to be more productive. I plan to engage myself with brilliant and deeply committed people and develop tools to make a programmer’s life easy. 


Last updated: June 13, 2019

  • Snr. Post graduate Demonstrator at UCD
  • Ph.D. Researcher at HCL, UCD
Selected Posts
  • How Agile Project Management using SCRUM Method Works?
Recent Publications
  • A. Shahid, M. Fahad, R. Reddy, and A. Lastovetsky , “Improving the Accuracy of Energy Predictive Models for Multicore CPUs Using Additivity of Performance Monitoring Counters” in 15th International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies August 19-23, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2019 (accepted)

  • M. Fahad, A. Shahid, R. Reddy, and A. Lastovetsky , “A Comparative Study of Methods for Measurement of Energy of Computing” in Energies, MDPI, Vol. 12, Issue 11, IF 2018: 2.707, 06/2019, pdfDOI

  • Lastovetsky, A., M. Fahad, H. Khaleghzadeh, S. Khokhriakov, R. R. Manumachu, A. Shahid, L. Szustak, and R. Wyrzykowski, “How Pre-multicore Methods and Algorithms Perform in Multicore Era”, High Performance Computing. ISC High Performance 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11203, Frankfurt, Springer Nature, pp. 527-539, 24-26 June, 2018, 2019, pdf, Google Scholar, DOI

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Released Software
  • DE-METERCalculate Dynamic Energy Consumption Using RAPL Meter, 2019, Code

  • AdditivityChecker: Check Performance Events (PMCs) for Additivity, 2018, PublicationCode

  • SLOPE-PMC: Towards the Automation of PMCs Collection for Modern Multicore Platforms, 2016-2018, Code

  • XenoJetBench (V2.0): An Open Source Hard-Real-Time Multiprocessor Benchmark, 2016, PublicationCode