Arsalan Shahid is a doctoral research scholar in Heterogeneous Computing Lab (HCL) at University College Dublin, Ireland. He is currently working on energy-aware massively parallel heterogeneous processing architectures. Arsalan graduated as gold medalist for best final year project in BS Electrical Engineering from HITEC University Pakistan, in 2016. Read More …

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I have realized that the answer is simple and obvious.

I am a human being! I am the best of creations of the Almighty! I have been equipped with a unique characteristic of doing mistake that serve as a catalyst to my growth. I am strong and the ability to realize, accept and correct the mistakes is the key to my growth … and strength.

I have learned that this universe is for me (and for you). Fine, too big? This world is for me. Too big? All is for me as long as I have a living God, who made me His viceroy. 

My philosophy of life? I firmly believe that one is only as good; as benevolent he or she may be to the rest of the universe, systems, the people and self; in that order [98:7Quran].

What is the purpose of my existence/what is my ‘why’ to live? To be as yielding, useful and benevolent to His universe as possible. 

How am I contributing/How I satisfy my ‘why’? I have devoted myself to help people by empowering them and enable them to grow. 

How I ‘contribute’ to my why? I inspire people. How? By igniting curiosity. Why I choose to ignite curiosity? We, homo-sapiens are instinctively curious. We feel empowered when we are fed with information. We grow as we explore more. And, curiosity fuels the process of evolution and growth. 

What I do and what I plan to do? I do research in scientific high-end computing and write my research into scientific papers, publish them to ignite the curiosity of people in my field and empower the brains. Aside, I am prototyping software products aspiring to help computer programmers’ to be more productive. I plan to engage myself with brilliant and deeply committed people and develop tools to make a programmer’s life easy. 


Last updated: March 24, 2019

  • Snr. Post graduate Demonstrator at UCD
  • Ph.D. Researcher at HCL, UCD
Selected Posts
  • How Agile Project Management using SCRUM Method Works?
Recent Publications
  • Lastovetsky, A., M. Fahad, H. Khaleghzadeh, S. Khokhriakov, R. R. Manumachu, A. Shahid, L. Szustak, and R. Wyrzykowski, “How Pre-multicore Methods and Algorithms Perform in Multicore Era”, High Performance Computing. ISC High Performance 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11203, Frankfurt, Springer Nature, pp. 527-539, 24-26 June, 2018, 2019, pdf, Google Scholar, DOI

  • A. Shahid, M. Y. Qadri, M. Fleury, H. Waris,  A. Ahmed, N. N. Qadri “AC-DSE: Approximate Computing For the Design Space Exploration of Reconfigurable MPSoCS”, in Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers World Scientific, Vol. 17, Issue 9, 01/2018, pdfGoogle ScholarDOI

  • A. Shahid, M. Fahad, R. Reddy, A. Lastovetsky, Additivity: A Selection Criterion for Performance Events for Reliable Energy Predictive Modeling” in Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, Vol. 4, Issue 4, 12/2017, pdfGoogle ScholarDOI

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Released Software
  • DE-METERCalculate Dynamic Energy Consumption Using RAPL Meter, 2019, Code

  • AdditivityChecker: Check Performance Events (PMCs) for Additivity, 2018, PublicationCode

  • SLOPE-PMC: Towards the Automation of PMCs Collection for Modern Multicore Platforms, 2016-2018, Code

  • XenoJetBench (V2.0): An Open Source Hard-Real-Time Multiprocessor Benchmark, 2016, PublicationCode